The Real Jeffy

                                        I have been asked a million times “Is Jeff that way at home?” and the answer is yes! Jeff has never been anybody but himself on or off the air and that is one thing I am happy to say and proud to be his wife.

Not many of the newer listeners know that Jeff has been involved in the Glenn Beck program for 10yrs. When Glenn moved to the North, we decided for family reasons to stay in Florida but when the times were right we made the big move to NYC. Before then Jeff was the producer for A.M. Tampa Bay and on Sunday he had his own show The Fisher Files, then he was moved to Saturday with A.M. Tampa Bay Weekend. Some of his Fisher Files were linked on Glenn’s previous version of his website. Don’t worry I’ve done the work for you. Here is the link.

 Jeff is a funny guy and some days has me in stitches. He is also an amazing dad to our three kids. He supports the kids in all aspects of their lives either in football or scouting and with our little one, she is Daddy’s little girl.

Our Babies

They are the light of his life no matter what he says on the air or in public. My favorite is when Jeff says that the DNA hasn’t come back yet. As a husband I couldn’t ask for a better man and with him letting me stay at home to take of him and our children makes me love him more everyday.

Most of the listeners who subscribe to the Insider Extreme get to see Glenn, Pat, Stu and Jeff interact on the air and just a little inside info on that is the way they act is the way they are and have been ever since Glenn came to Tampa. That is one thing that has never changed between them. I always loved when we go out to dinner and the wives are at a totally different table or sitting around the edge and not one of them say a word to us. One of the best things they did together before the big move was broadcast the Gasparilla Parade.

The worst broadcast in history

I wish I had the audio for that, it was absolutely hilarious! Such memories. Another great memory was when Glenn came to Clearwater for his first Rally for America. That was a great day and gave me a look at where the program was headed.

Glenn and Jeff Rally for America

Some may people may know Jeff as the More-on Trivia Commissioner and look what I found a video of Jeff talking about Glenn, very funny!

Here’s another video of Jeff doing his USF Bulls report back in 2007, wow that seems forever ago.

So after all the fun in Tampa we had, it was definitely time for us take the big step and move to the North and have him work with people who are smarter like minded and that makes him happy to work around with. Now to the Feed Czar

My own creation

 that everyone has grown hate love. He loves doing the Feed and interacting with all the listeners. I love watching the Feed and see what people say about the subjects and when they start a little anarchy against Jeffy. Just to let everyone know that even though the ever wonderful Feed Czar is my hubby, I don’t get posted all the time either.

Jeffy is Jeffy and take him for who he is and I definitely will every time. I love being by his side and standing behind him in the choices he makes for him and his family.  He is the nicest person you will ever meet and very serious when it does come to work and things he is passionate about and yes even his food but that is another blog!


About onlyemajine

I am a women who knows what she wants and likes. I am not afraid to say my opinion. I am a wife, mother, cook, teacher, and friend. I love to cook, bake, crochet and dance like a fool. Family and friends are what makes my life so fullfilled and everyday I always say you can Only Emajine!
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